How do I turn on Home Sharing on my iPhone remote app?

Can you turn on Home Sharing on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Home Sharing. Select Turn on Home Sharing. Sign in with your Apple ID. Use the same Apple ID for every computer or device on your Home Sharing network.

Why won’t my remote app connect to Apple TV?

If you can’t set up the Apple TV Remote

Try these steps. … On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Network. Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, and your Apple TV is updated to the latest version of tvOS. Restart your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.

How do I connect my remote app to my Apple TV?

How to set up the Apple TV Remote app

  1. Download the Apple TV Remote app from the App Store.
  2. Turn on your Apple TV.
  3. Open the Apple TV Remote app.
  4. Tap the Add Apple TV button.
  5. Tap on an Apple TV with which you’d like to pair the Remote app.
  6. Enter the pairing code displayed on your Apple TV.
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Why is Home Sharing not working on iPhone?

Make sure Home Sharing is enabled on your devices

iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings → Music or Settings → Videos and turn on the Home Sharing toggle switch. Apple TV (4th Gen): Go to Settings → Accounts → Home Sharing and turn on Home Sharing.

What is iPhone home sharing?

There’s a feature in iTunes called Home Sharing that enables music sharing between multiple computers in a single house that are connected to the same network. With Home Sharing turned on, you can listen to music (and watch TV shows and movies) in someone else’s iTunes library, or on their iPhones and iPods.

What is AirPlay on an iPhone?

AirPlay lets you share videos, photos, music, and more from Apple devices to your Apple TV, favorite speakers, and popular smart TVs. And what you share always stays personal and private.

Can I use my iPhone as a TV remote?

The Apple TV Remote app on iPhone or iPad makes it easy to control and navigate your TV screen if you misplace or don’t want to use your TV’s remote control. … You can find the Apple TV Remote function in the Control Center; if it’s not there, you can add the app from Settings.

How do I use Apple TV app on my iPhone?

Watch shows and movies in the Apple TV app on iPhone

  1. Watch Apple TV+ or Apple TV channels: Tap Play. …
  2. Choose a different video app: If the title is available from multiple apps, scroll down to How To Watch, then choose an app.
  3. Buy or rent: Confirm your selection, then complete the payment. …
  4. Download: Tap.
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How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without Apple TV or Wi-Fi?

To mirror your iPhone to your TV without Wi-Fi, you’ll need an adapter, such as Apple’s Lightning connector. You can purchase a Lightning Digital AV Adapter directly from Apple for $49. You’ll use this adapter to connect your iPhone to an HDMI cable.

How do I reset my Apple TV remote from my iPhone?

How to reset an Apple TV/Siri Remote manually

  1. Hold down your remote’s “Menu” and “Volume Up” buttons until you see a command flash on your screen saying it is pairing the remote. …
  2. Move your Siri Remote closer to your Apple TV, or even place it on top of the device, until the “Pairing Remote” pop-up disappears.

How do I control Apple TV from my Macbook?

Control the Apple TV app on Mac with iTunes Remote

  1. On your iOS or iPadOS device, open the Remote app.
  2. Do one of the following: If it’s your first time using iTunes Remote: Tap Connect Manually. …
  3. In the Apple TV app on your Mac, click the Remote button under Devices in the sidebar, then type the 4-digit code.

How do I get home sharing to work?

Turn on Home Sharing

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File > Home Sharing > Turn On Home Sharing.
  2. Type your Apple ID and password, then click Turn On Home Sharing. If you don’t have an Apple ID, click Create New Apple ID and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I turn on content sharing?

To turn SmartShare on and allow content sharing

  1. To access this application, from the Home screen, tap Apps > SmartShare .
  2. Tap the Menu Key > Settings.
  3. Tap Discoverable to checkmark it which enables your device to be detected by other devices.
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Where is account and user iPhone?

Viewing your account page

To access the account settings from the iOS apps, tap on the user icon from the main boards page. You can find this in the bottom right corner on the iPhone or the top left corner on the iPad.