How do I check my share holdings?

How can I check what shares I own?

To track down lost shares the first step should be to contact the company’s share registrar, in cases where the company name is known. There are three main registrars in the UK – Capita, Lloyds TSB / Equiniti and ComputerShare. For contact information see below.

How do I find shares in my name UK?

You can trace other lost shares by contacting the three main share registrars: Link Asset Services ( or 0371664 0300); Computershare (; and Equiniti ( or 0371 384 2030).

How do you add holdings to Computershare?

How do I add non-Computershare companies to my Investor Centre portfolio? Once you’ve logged in to your portfolio choose ‘Add Holding’ option from the menu and follow the on screen instructions.

How do I log into Computershare?

To log in, enter your User ID below. Your User ID is the unique ID you setup when you first registered for Investor Center. To log in, enter your User ID below. Please do not copy and paste your User ID as it may include spaces.

How do I claim unclaimed shares?

The IEPF website usually has all the details of unclaimed amounts. To make a claim, you can use IEPF-5 form. In case an investor doesn’t want to go through the hassles and wants to outsource it to some agency then they can also avail that option.

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How do I find out if I have shares in my name in India?

All companies in India have to file their financials and details of shareholders with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA21). You can access these documents through the website Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.

How do I cash in my Aviva shares?

Ordinary shareholders can use any bank, building society or stockbroker offering a share dealing facility to buy or sell Aviva shares. Their commission rates will vary. You can also use our dealing services provided by Computershare.

What is Computershare direct stock?

Computershare DirectStock (“DirectStock”) is a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan that provides an alternative to traditional methods of buying, holding and selling shares in the issuer you have selected.

How do I transfer shares from Computershare?

How do I transfer shares or give them as gifts? You may transfer or gift shares from your CIP account by completing a Transfer of Ownership Form. A Transfer of Ownership Form is available to download and print at Transfers may be made in book-entry form or in certificate form.