At what nominal rate compounded continuously must money be invested to triple in 7 years?

At what nominal rate compounded continuously must money be invested to double in years?

So we want to use we call the rule of 72. And essentially what this rule states is that a investment at one compounded continuously will double in 72 years.

At what nominal rate compounded continuously must money be invested to in 8 years?

Doubling Rate: At what nominal rate compounded continuously must money be invested to double in 8 years? In order for the initial investment to double in 8 years, the money must be invested in an account with a nominal rate of approximately 8.7% compounded continuously.

What is nominal rate compounded?

The nominal interest rate, also known as an Annualised Percentage Rate or APR, is the periodic interest rate multiplied by the number of periods per year. For example, a nominal annual interest rate of 12% based on monthly compounding means a 1% interest rate per month (compounded).

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How long will it take for an investment to triple in value if it earns compounded continuously Round your answer to three decimals?

hence to the nearest year, it will it take 18 years for an investment to triple, if it is continuously compounded at 6% per year.

How many years will it take an investment to triple if the interest rate is 8 compounded continuously?

Answer and Explanation: The answer to the question is 14.3 years.

How do you find nominal interest rate compounded continuously?

Continuous Compounding

Using our formula from our Effective Annual Interest Rate Calculator, where i = e^r – 1 becomes e^r = i + 1. And, by definition ln(e^r) = r [1], we can solve for r to get the formula: r = ln(i + 1).

How do you find the nominal rate?

How to Calculate the Nominal Rate of Return

  1. Subtract the original investment amount (or principal amount invested) from the current market value of the investment (or at the end of the investment period).
  2. Take the result from the numerator and divide it by the original investment amount.

How is nominal interest rate determined?

It states that the nominal interest rate is approximately equal to the real interest rate plus the inflation rate (i = R + h). For example, a bond investor is expecting a real interest rate of 5%, when the market shows an expected inflation rate of 3%.

What rate of interest compounded annually is required to triple an investment in 15 years?

At a rate of interest of 3.86% compounded annually investment will be tripled.

What interest rate is needed to double an investment?

Calculator Use

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Alternatively you can calculate what interest rate you need to double your investment within a certain time period. For example if you wanted to double an investment in 5 years, divide 72 by 5 to learn that you’ll need to earn 14.4% interest annually on your investment for 5 years: 14.4 × 5 = 72.

How long will an account invested at 11.5% compounded yearly be tripled?

The answer is the number of years to triple an amount at 11.5% compounded annually is 10.0925 years.