Who has the most win shares in NBA history?

What are Win Shares in NBA?

Win Shares is a player statistic which attempts to divvy up credit for team success to the individuals on the team.

How many win shares does LeBron have?

Career Win Shares: 242.04 (3rd)

In career win shares, LeBron is 3rd behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain. James and Wilt (247.26) are well behind Kareem (273.41) in the all-time rankings, so the 6-time MVP is alone in this advanced stat.

Who created NBA win shares?

Win Share is a measure that is assigned to players based on their offense, defense, and playing time. WS/48 is win shares per 48 minutes and invented by Justin Kubatko who explains: “A win share is worth one-third of a team win. If a team wins 60 games, there are 180 ‘Win Shares’ to distribute among the players.”

Who is the best defensive player in NBA history?

1. Hakeem Olajuwon. “The Dream” being atop this list should not come as a surprise to anybody. Throughout his 18-year career, Olajuwon blocked 3,830 shots, which is good for the most of any player in NBA history.

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Where is LeBron ranked all time?

LeBron James once said he was chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan.

Where does LeBron James rank all-time in scoring?

Rank Player Points
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 LeBron James 35,651
4 Kobe Bryant 33,643

What is win shares per 48 minutes?

What is Win Shares Per 48 Minutes? This is an advanced statistic used to determine how much a player contributes to a given win. The statistic takes into account the various things a basketball player does to win or lose a game, and weighs them appropriately to provide a Win Share.

What is vorp NBA?

VORP – Value Over Replacement Player (available since the 1973-74 season in the NBA); a box score estimate of the points per 100 TEAM possessions that a player contributed above a replacement-level (-2.0) player, translated to an average team and prorated to an 82-game season.

What is BPM in NBA?

Box Plus/Minus, Version 2.0 (BPM) is a basketball box score-based metric that estimates a basketball player’s contribution to the team when that player is on the court.

What does VI mean in basketball?

Versatility Index, which is invented by John Hollinger, is a metric that measures a player’s ability to produce in more than one statistic. The metric uses points, assists, and rebounds.

What is defensive win shares NBA?

A metric that estimates the number of wins a player produces for his team due to his defensive ability.

Who is the best stealer in NBA?

NBA All-Time Steals Record

The record belongs to John Stockton who has reached 3,256 steals in his career. The legendary point guard of the Utah Jazz has set an unattainable record, as well as for the assists of which he is the absolute leader.

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Who is the best defender of all time?

Puyol retired in 2014 with six La Liga titles, three Champions Leagues, one World Cup and one European Championship to his name.

  1. Paolo Maldini.
  2. Franz Beckenbauer. …
  3. Franco Baresi. …
  4. Bobby Moore. …
  5. Alessandro Nesta. …
  6. Cafu. …
  7. Roberto Carlos. …
  8. Giacinto Facchetti. …