What is Satrix investment plan?

Own the performance of the JSE, with a single low-cost investment. Buying all of the Top 40 shares on the JSE spreads your risk across the entire South African economy. … With Satrix you can buy one security and own the market.

Is satrix a good investment?

Investing in Satrix is an efficient way of gaining diversified market exposure at low costs. You are able to invest in the performance of the JSE with one simple, cost effective investment.

Can you withdraw money from satrix?

You are welcome to withdraw your money out of your SatrixNOW account at any time, provided the funds have settled (Ie. if you are expecting them from the sale of an investment), and are not locked up (ie. as a result of being deposited by debit order or from the redemption of a marketing / promotional voucher).

Is satrix a broker?

Institutions can purchase Satrix in the secondary market through a broker or from the Satrix Market Makers. If you would like to invest in Satrix ETFs directly with Satrix Managers in the primary market or require further information you can contact us on +27 (0)11 784 0641 or email us at institutional@satrix.co.za.

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Do satrix funds pay dividends?

Satrix ETFs have quarterly dividend distributions. In terms of the dividend process, there are a few important dates to be aware of: Dividend declaration date.

What companies are in satrix top 40?


BHP BHP GROUP PLC 951019621375.24
AGL ANGLO 768648737708.13
NPN NASPERS -N 533624131749.31

How do I sell my satrix?

Selling anything you own on SatrixNOW is as easy as when you first bought it. Head over to your Portfolio. From there you’ll be able to select what you would like to sell and confirm your sale.

Can I buy shares with R100?

If you have R100 spare to put into an investment, companies like EasyEquities don’t have minimums, Satrix doesn’t have minimums – and they’ve got quite a big investment pool that you can put your money in between ETFs and direct shares.

What is satrix access range?

The platform is a secure online investing hub where you can invest in unit trusts and ETFs in a standard account or a tax free savings account.

How do I deposit money into Satrix?

How do I deposit funds into my SatrixNOW accounts?

  1. Ensure you are logged into the SatrixNOW website.
  2. Choose the SatrixNOW account into which you want to deposit your funds by selecting that account from the Account Ribbon, just below the SatrixNOW logo.

What is Satrix Swix?

Satrix Swix is an index tracking fund, registered as a Collective Investment Scheme, and is also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an Exchange Traded Fund. … In order to reduce costs and minimize tracking error, Satrix Swix engages in scrip lending activities.

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Does satrix top 40 pay dividends?

The Satrix 40 exchange-traded fund makes quarterly distributions to investors. As the companies comprising the index (and accordingly held by the Satrix 40 portfolio) declare dividends, such dividends will accrue to the Satrix 40 portfolio.

Can I start trading with R50?

Shange says that when you start to trade, start with as little as R50. “This is to test the market. Also, the minimum you put in, the better”. According to Shange, the main purpose is to use basically nothing and grow it into something.

What is the Satrix Divi?

A fund focusing on maximising dividend yield by investing in 30 companies that are expected to pay the best normal dividends over the forthcoming year.

What is Satrix Fini?

Satrix Fini is an index tracking fund, registered as a Collective Investment Scheme, and is also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an Exchange Traded Fund. … In order to reduce costs and minimise tracking error, Satrix Fini engages in scrip lending activities.

What is S&P satrix?

JSE code: STX500 The Satrix S&P 500 Feeder Portfolio provides an investment vehicle for investors wishing to track the movement of the S&P 500 Index by investing in the iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF (“underlying fund”) securities.