Should I invest in Smallcase?

Though smallcases look better in terms of costs and returns, they come with a prerequisite of market knowledge. And investors who have the requisite knowledge to manage their own portfolio can consider investing in smallcases. Else they are better off investing in mutual funds.

Which is the best Smallcase to invest?


Smallcase Min. Amount (₹) Returns
ICICI Prudential Smart 234 21.01%
Equity & Gold 272 19.01%
Armour Portfolio 354 9.07%
Axis MF Balanced Allocation Strategy 372 -1.25%

How does Smallcase make money?

Smallcase offers users a basket of stocks that are based around a particular theme or idea. … Smallcase does not hold any stocks for an investor as a mutual fund does. However, the stocks are in the Demat account of the investor. Dividend income will also comes straight to the investor’s bank account.

Is smallcase SEBI registered?

Smallcase Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a financial technology company based in Bangalore since 2015. smallcases are created by SEBI-registered entities like Brokers, Investment Advisors & Research Analysts. …

Will I get dividend if I invest in smallcase?

For long-term investors, dividend returns are very important as they are an additional income that is earned over and above the capital gains earned by holding onto the stock. This smallcase consists of companies that have increased their dividend payout consecutively for the last 10 years.

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How can I sell my Smallcase?

How to sell Zerodha smallcase?

  1. Login to the Smallcase Zerodha platform.
  2. Click on the “Exit Smallcase” option to sell it.
  3. You can sell smallcase either partially or wholly, click on the respective option and confirm the order.
  4. Now, a new window will be open showing all stocks in your smallcase with the selling price.

Is Smallcase safe Quora?

Smallcase is a good way to deal with markets whose risk ability is between direct stocks and mutual ,it gives the best of both worlds. A small case is typically a bunch of same themed stocks typically between 10–15 stocks. Smallcase is 100% cash based.

Can we do SIP in Smallcase?

You can buy a smallcase and set an SIP reminder in 1 click!

As soon as you confirm the investment amount while buying a smallcase, you’ll see a popup with the ‘Monthly SIP reminder’ option checked. You just have to click on ‘Buy & Start SIP’ and a SIP due reminder will automatically be sent to you.

Who is the founder of Smallcase?

Anugrah Shrivastava – Founder – smallcase | LinkedIn.

Should I rebalance Smallcase?

You can check which shares will be sold and which shares will be bought in this update. Rebalancing is totally your decision. Smallcase cannot force you to rebalance your portfolio. If you wish not to rebalance then dont.

What is SIP in Smallcase?

A Systematic Investment Plan is one where you can invest a fixed amount of money into your smallcase at specified time intervals. The SIP feature is aimed at aiding you in developing a disciplined investment habit and to subdue the impact of market volatility.

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Where do smallcase dividends go?

Shareholders approve the amount, then the company makes these payments to shareholders’ account. So, if you have invested in Dividend Aristocrats smallcase (it contains stocks that pay dividends), post the dividend announcement, the company credits the money directly to your bank account.

Is smallcase free?

smallcase does not charge you anything for using the platform. The subscription fee is paid by you to a particular smallcase Manager for accessing a fee-based smallcase if you do, while you pay the transaction fee to your broker for transacting/placing smallcase orders.

How do I track my smallcase?

How do I track the performance of my investments?

  1. Index Value is an all-inclusive real time value representative of the total returns of your smallcase. …
  2. Money Put In is the total amount invested since you started investing.