How do I claim Sasol shares in inzalo?

How do I access Sasol Inzalo shares?

Trading Sasol Inzalo Ordinary Shares

  1. Calling Computershare’s call centre on 0800-000-222;
  2. Contacting Computershare by e-mail on; or.
  3. Visiting Computershare’s walk-in centre at 70 Marshall Street, Johannesburg.

What happened to Sasol Inzalo shares?

After repayment of the outstanding Inzalo funding, paying taxes and costs, there is a cash surplus of over R1,3 billion (net of dividends withholding tax, if applicable) which will be distributed to the SIPBEE shareholders on 17 September 2018. This marks the end of the Sasol Inzalo transaction.

Did Sasol Inzalo pay dividends?

On 3 September 2019 a dividend of R202,2 million was received from SSA. Of this amount, R197,1 million was utilised to repay the vendor funding to Sasol Limited and R5,1 million was paid as a trickle dividend to the company’s shareholders.

Who is the majority shareholder of Sasol?

Major shareholders include the South African Government Employees Pension Fund, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC), Allan Gray Investment Counsel, Coronation Fund Managers, Ninety One, and others. Sasol employs 30,100 people worldwide and has operations in 33 countries.

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Can you sell Sasol khanyisa shares?

To sell your SOLBE1 shares you need to contact Computershare by telephone or in person and ask them to place a sell instruction. A call centre agent will verify your account details and the number of shares you hold, the sale process will then commence.

How much are the Yeboyethu shares worth?

Major shareholders

Market cap: 2,662,731,107
Return on equity: 84.02 %
Return on assets: 2.85 %
Net asset value: 10,270.70
Price/NAV: 0.49

How do I sell my Yeboyethu shares?

You can buy or sell shares via the Online Trading Platform that we have made available to our shareholders through or by contacting the call centre at 011 581 7850 (standard call rates apply) or 082 241 0001 (Toll-free from your Vodacom cellphone).

How can I buy Sasol shares today?

Anyone can purchase shares on the exchange and any amount can be invested. Our share price is available on our website: Note however that buying of shares can only be executed via a stockbroker.

What is Sasol BEE shares?

A Sasol BEE ordinary share (SOLBE1 share) is a Sasol ordinary share that trades on the Empowerment Segment of the JSE (BEE) and is only available to trade among Black South Africans as defined by the BEE Codes. SOLBE1 shareholders are entitled to the same dividends as SOL shareholders.

How do I claim dividends?

Dividends are reported to you on Form 1099-DIV and the eFile tax app will include this income on Form 1040. If the ordinary dividends you received total more than $1,500, or if you received dividends that belong to someone else because you are a nominee, then Schedule B will be included – eFileIT.

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Is Sasol paying dividends in 2021?

Faced with a debt crisis and an oil price slump, Sasol has not declared a dividend since March 2019. Its board has set debt and profit targets that need to be achieved first. Payouts will also only follow after it funded plans for a sharp reduction in emissions.

Are the dividends taxable?

In India, a company which has declared, distributed or paid any amount as a dividend, is required to pay a dividend distribution tax at 15%. The Finance Act, 1997 introduced the provisions of DDT. Only a domestic company is liable for the tax.

Where does Sasol get its oil?

Sasol is an integrated oil gas company with substantial chemical interests. In South Africa, these operations are supported by mining coal and converting it into synthetic fuels and chemicals through proprietary Fischer-Tropsch technology.

Does government have shares in Sasol?

1 Includes 627 912 989 Sasol Ordinary shares and 6 3331 347 Sasol BEE Ordinary shares.

Major Shareholders.

Major categories of shareholders Number of shares % of total issued securities1
Government of South Africa 53 266 887 8,40
Sovereign wealth funds 29 568 797 4,66

Who is buying Sasol?

LyondellBasell Industries has agreed to pay $2 billion for a 50% stake in an ethylene cracker and two polyethylene plants that Sasol recently constructed in Lake Charles, Louisiana.