Frequent question: How much has Jio invested?

India’s antitrust watchdog has approved Google’s proposed investment of $4.5 billion in the nation’s largest telecom platform Jio Platforms, it said in a tweet on Wednesday. Google announced in July that it would be investing $4.5 billion for a 7.73% stake in the top Indian telecom network.

How much money has Jio invested?

Reliance Jio has received a flood of investment in recent months. It has raised a total of Rs 1.52 lakh crore by selling almost 33 per cent stake to 13 financial and strategic investors in only 11 weeks, helping to cut down RIL’s net debt target for the full fiscal year.

How much Ambani spend on Jio?

Mukesh Ambani has lured $10 billion of investment into Jio in just one month.

How much is Jio worth?

As of September 2020, Reliance Industries has raised ₹1.65 lakh crore (US$22 billion) by selling nearly 33% equity stake in Jio Platforms.


Jio’s headquarters in RCP, Navi Mumbai
Net income ₹12,537 crore (US$1.7 billion) (FY 2020–21)
Total assets ₹305,965 crore (US$41 billion) (FY 2020–21)

Is Jio really profitable?

Reliance Jio, the telecom arm of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), recorded a 47.5 percent year-on-year profit in the fourth quarter of financial year 2021. The company posted a net profit of Rs 3,508 crore, as compared to Rs 2,379 crore in the same period last year.

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Who is CEO of Jio?

Atul Kansal – CEO – Jio | LinkedIn.

How did Mukesh Ambani invested in Jio?

Google became the second largest investor in Jio after Facebook which has a 9.9% stake in the company.

Mukesh Ambani gave Google and Facebook a discount on Reliance Jio stake ⁠— here’s why.

Company KKR
Investment in Jio ₹11,367 crore
Stake in Jio 2.32%
Equity value ₹4.91 lakh crore

How was Jio funded?

Last year, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries (RIL) raised $20 billion for its digital services arm, Jio Platforms, in the months during the nation-wide lockdown. Its retail business, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, then went on to raise a staggering $6 billion in growth capital.

What is net worth of Mukesh Ambani?

With a total wealth of $92 billion, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, topped the rich list for the 14th year in a row — adding $4 billion to his net worth in 2021, as per Forbes Rich List.

Who owns Jio network?

The company lost 0.2 million active subscribers and its market share of active user base declined to 26.1%. As of February, Bharti has the highest number of active subscribers at 340 million, followed by Jio at 324 million and Vodafone Idea at 256 million.

Is Jio in profit or loss?

Reliance Jio reported net profit of ₹3,651 crore for the first quarter of the current fiscal, a growth of 45 per cent compared to ₹2,519 crore in the same quarter last fiscal.

Is Reliance Jio in profit or loss?

Reliance Jio reported net profit of ₹3,651 crore for the first quarte of current fiscal, rising 45 per cent as against ₹2,519 crore in the same quarter last fiscal. Cash profit during the period under review was ₹8,063 crore, higher by 31 per cent on annual basis.

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