Best answer: Can Glo share data with MTN?

You can add up to five recipients. After you have added them, you will be able to share your data with them without any problems, just by dialing *131*2*3# or sending the text “share” to 131. If you would like to check your data balance, it is really easy.

How can I transfer data from Glo to MTN?

If you want to send data to someone as a gift or to fill your other number with data, you can dial *127*<USSD plan number>*<phone number]># or you can send “Gift <phone number]>to the number 127.

How can I share my MTN data to another network?

Data Gifting

  1. How to Gift MTN Data.
  2. Transfer Data: You can now transfer from your existing Data Balance with your friends and family: Simply dial *131*Phone number* Data amount# or, text Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount and to 131.

How can I transfer Glo data?

To add people to share, dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127 e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

How can I transfer MB from Glo to Airtel?

For 60MB dial *141*712*4* recipient number #. Note: There will be a deduction of #100 or 10MB from your account for the data transfer. You can dial *141*1# and follow the voice prompts to get more information on Airtel data transfer. After doing this, the Data you specified will be transferred to the recipients number.

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Can I send my data to someone else?

Yes, you can request someone send you data by dialling *112*1*CellCPhoneNumber#. How do I transfer data? … Enter the amount of data you wish to send. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the data to.

How do I transfer data on MTN 2021?

To transfer your remaining data or any desired data to friends and family by simply dialing*131*Phone number*Data amount# or text “Transfer (space) phone number (space) data amount” to 131. Here, you see how to share mtn data with another number.

How can I share my data?

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#.

How can I transfer airtime from Glo to other network?

To change your Glo EasyShare PIN, *132*00000*98035*98035#, where 00000 is your default PIN and 98035 is your new PIN. Now let us go straight to the point, to transfer airtime on Glo dial *131*Benefactor’s phone number*amount*EasyShare PIN#.